Best Protein Powder : Build Muscles Effectively and Reduce Weight

There are many people who are under the false impression that that protein powder supplements are meant only for those who are passionate about building their muscles. This is not true.

Everybody of us has to have a good amount of protein in our diets. But, a majority of us tend to have carbohydrates in the diet.

best protein powder

To cater the need of proteins that our body needs, we all should take protein supplements. A diet that lacks proteins or contains insufficient amounts of proteins cannot be called a balanced diet. So, you should get hold of the best protein powder available in the market and make it a daily part of your diet.

Why is protein important for your body?

cytosport muscle milkProteins are the building units of our body. It helps in cell repair and builds the body muscles. Though carbohydrates are important for our bodies, but tour body does not have to work hard to release energy from the carbohydrates as the result of which it begins to store it in the form of fat.

Those who take too much carbs in their diet tend to become fatOn the contrary, if you incorporate proteins in your diet, you will get the desired muscles and strength that you always crave for.

A balanced and healthy diet should have both proteins and carbs. If you want to lose weight and want to lead a healthy life, make sure to take protein in the right amount daily. If you have more muscles, you would be able to burn more calories.

Rich sources of proteins

There are many natural sources of proteins that should be consumed on a daily basis. Eggs, milk, soybeans, nuts and pulses are a few.

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To get the right amount proteins you should take a glassful of milk and eggs in the morning, pulses and sprouted green gram in the lunch and chicken in the dinner. For the non-veggies, soy is the best source of proteins.

Popular protein supplements on the market

1. Whey protein gold

whey protein goldWhey protein powder has one of highest protein content among the other protein powders available in the market. Manufactured by Optimum Nutrition, this powder is popular among the health conscious people that strive for building muscles.

People using this powder do not complain of gaining weight as this powder does not contain much cholesterol and fat. It can be used in a variety of ways, but the most popular one is the spoon method in which you mix it with liquid. I use a blender to mix this tasty powder with my favorite drink.

2. Syntha-6

This protein powder comes from the manufacturer of BSN which is famous for Astro-Phex. The brand is known for the best to offer in muscle building. This is one of the best protein powders and are available in 9 different tasty flavors.


Peanut butter chocolate and chocolate mint are two of my favorite flavors. I used to be skinny but after trying out this powder I started gaining the lean muscle bulk.

3. CytoSport muscle milk

This is a notable and the best protein powder in the market. It contains the highest quality of protein that helps the bodybuilders sustain during the workouts.

It contains 32 grams of proteins and 20 different minerals & vitamins. People using this protein powder find it helpful to sustain during intense workouts.